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Kogging - Sunday October 6th

Dutch vocalist, Norbert Kögging, returns to the birthplace of his debut album to launch his sophomore effort. The Amsterdam-native with his band, KØGGING, will embark on a 13-day tour that will see them from Toronto to Vancouver Island. The tour marks Norbert’s fourth visit to Canada, a nation that holds a dear place in his heart.

“This is where it all started”, Norbert recalls. After a lengthy stay at the Banff Centre for the Arts, KØGGING recorded their debut album, Daydreaming, at the Centre in 2011. The album, which harnesses the inspiration that Norbert found at the Banff Centre, is about fresh ideas, open space and the opportunities to come. Those opportunities didn’t take long to manifest. The band returned just a year later to delight audiences on a cross-country tour.

The music, affectionately described as singer-songwriter jazz, is inspired by artists like Brad Mehldau, John Mayer and David Linx. The songs are intimate, distinct and sincere. Norbert is a convincing story-teller who shares his experiences honestly and from the heart. With their new songs, KØGGING aims to explore the stories and emotions of everyday life. If Daydreaming was about what’s to come, his sophomore album will be an intimate exploration of what is. The new album is set to be recorded in Holland immediately following their Canadian tour.

When: Sunday Oct 6th @ 7:30pm

Jazz Society members: $12

Non-members: $16

Performers and volunteers: $6

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