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Coastal Giant - Kids Help Phone Tour


Victoria based band Coastal Giant will be playing at The Avalanche Bar and Grill this Friday the 16th of August.

They are raising money for Kids Help Phone and Lead singer Squirrel will be Longboarding from Campbell River back to Victoria. The band will be busking along the way and donating a percentage of the proceeds to this cause.

Not unlike their name's origin stemming from the Coastal Giant Salamander (one of the few salamanders capable of vocalization), Coastal Giant can be found most often in their natural habitat. In temperate forests, rivers, freshwater lakes and marshes you can hear the songs of this West Coast Country Funk Rock Band.

Long time friends Squirrel (Bradley Morgan) and guitarist Ozer (Orion Marcano) began their musical journey in the Gulf Islands, capturing the ears of their audiences first at outdoor parties and local open mic nights. Writing original music with subject matter ranging from the beauty and fragility of our forests to just plain feel good grooves, the two were inspired by their pure driving love for music and the energy of a dancing crowd to expand their pack and form a band.

Working together at a spice warehouse outside of Sidney, BC, they met seasoned alt/reggae drummer Yoshi Konomoto and CC (Spencer Field), a young and skilled former heavy metal bass player. Yoshi's percussive finesse is as captivating to watch as it is to hear and CC transitioned effortlessly into the flavour of the bands funky genre. Coastal Giant was born.

Together the band became instantly prolific expanding their repertoire with vigour and vibe. With sounds in the field of The John Butler Trio, Squirrel's vocals stylings hint a marriage of Dave Matthews and Eddie Vedder. Combined with Ozer's bright guitar and banjo skills and the band's eclectic positive energy, Coastal Giant never fails to get the crowd bouncing to the beat of their own drum.

In a time where digital music and over production tries to bully the real musician, Coastal Giant taps you on the shoulder and reminds you that a good live groove will always stand as tall as the old growth forests where they first began.

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